Swiss cuisine

If variety is the spice of life, then Swiss Cuisine is just the thing for you! Swiss cuisine is a flavorful blend of French, German and Italian cuisine with its own strong and diverse regional influence. Swiss food brims with wonderful innovations as it transforms its garden vegetables into appetizing meals and also embraces varies types of cheese and chocolate as its important ingredients.

Cheese fondue, originated in Zurich, Switzerland became extremely important
America giving rise to “Fondue parties”

Spanish Cuisine

The rich flavors of Spain have influenced many chefs around the world. Often known as the people’s cuisine, Spanish cuisine offers you down-to-earth, uncomplicated food from the crops and ingredients available locally. Tapas, one of the beloved tiny bites of the country are an integral part of the Spanish culture. With extensive production of olives in the south of Spain and nuts all around the country, Spanish cuisine is enriched with olive oil and nuts of all types. It hosts to a wide variety of distinct flavors as the taste differs vastly from one region to another.